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Israeli Company Network in Motion Talked Over Medical Technology Transfer with Angy

By:admin    Time:2018-01-30

On December 27, 2017, Mr. Ira Prigat, the CEO of Network in Motion, an Israeli company, visited our company for in-depth discussions on the medical technology transformation in Israel, and received warm reception by the CEO of Angy..

Israel is located in the Middle East, a place full of turmoil and mystery. It has not only survived the encirclement of the Arab, but has also become the "smallest superpower" in the world. It has made remarkable achievements in innovation. Among other things, its high-tech industry and advanced medical technology are world-famous today. Israel, as a world leader in R & D and academic research, also focuses on the integration of industry, education and research. It ranks 10th in the world in terms of knowledge transfer and university-industry integration. Israel is good at bringing technology from the laboratory to the market and incubating it into products.

As an excellent medical devices supplier and application provider of with an international vision, Angy has been committed to the globalization of quality medical products and the localization of global medical technologies. It has close and deep cooperation with many excellent medical technology manufacturers overseas. It is also concerned very much about the high technology of Israel, an innovative nation, and maintains long-term friendly and cooperative relations with Israeli enterprises.

A few days earlier, Angy, with the support of the Government of Panyu District, participated in the launch ceremony of the "China-Israel Medical Incubator Project", with an aim to introduce cutting-edge medical technologies from Israel to China. With the gradual landing of the project, Angy has gradually started negotiations and cooperation with Israeli enterprises. Angy talked with Mr. Ira Prigat over two major topics. One is the transformation and domestic incubation of Israeli medical technologies; the other is to explore how Angy China-Israel Innovation Center can promote international academic exchanges and cooperation and achieve win-win academic situation.

After this talk, the two parties had a deeper understanding of each other and expressed their hope to reach win-win cooperation in the future and to join hands in promoting the technological and academic exchanges and cooperation in the medical field between China and Israel. Angy will seize the opportunity to introduce and transform more high-tech medical technologies for application in clinical practice, offering better care to the patients and promoting the development of human health.


Mr. Ira Prigat talking with CEO of Angy



Picture of Mr. Ira Prigat and Angy CEO


Picture of representatives of both parties